Vallesana Bio

the Vallesana Bio product line was created to satisfy everyone's need

Having healthy food products and nutraceuticals that come from a strictly controlled and certified supply chain according to the most stringent standards and certified organic in all its parts. This is to meet the modern need to eat in a natural, healthy and tasty way.

Line of organic extra jams (58% on 100 total grams of fruit used)

Only natural sugars contained in the original organic fruit and sugar from organic grapes

Fruit and vegetables processed at km 0

Vallesana Bio

Passion Fruit Bio

Laboratory and transformation

The transformation laboratory complies with European and Italian standards and is strictly controlled and certified HACCP and Organic.

Optimal Climate

Due to the benevolent influence of the sea and a series of favorable pedoclimatic factors, the climate is considered to be the mildest in Italy and southern Europe.

Raw Material

La frutta trasformata proviene dall’azienda agricola biologica Giuseppe Nania , che dall’anno 2000 si occupa di biologico.

Where we are

The countryside is located in the province of Messina between the head of Milazzo and the mountains of Santa Lucia in a fertile valley narrow between the Peloritani and two rivers il mela o nucito e il floripotamo, rigogliosa zona ricca di acque e verde.

Certified organic fruit

We produce alternative fruit and vegetables, including mango, avocado, guava and passionfruit, spices of oriental origin in organic and without any use of chemicals or stimulants of any kind following criteria of organic and sustainable agriculture.


The company has innovation in agriculture at the base of its existence and has started, since 2010, a pioneer, a commercial production of passion fruit (Passiflora edulis f. Edulis) in an area that is particularly suitable, near the coast north eastern Tyrrhenian of Sicily.

Health and wellness

Vallesana Bio